Preparing a Generation to Impact the Nations

Educational Philosophy

Throughout the scriptures, parents are commanded to raise their children in the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord. As a Christ-centered school, the Science, Arts, and Math Academy strive to assist the family and church in fulfilling this charge. The school cannot take the place of the parents or church in this calling and, therefore, cannot relieve them from their responsibilities. Rather it serves as an extension of both in rearing future generations to be followers of Jesus, well prepared for the fulfillment of God's desire for their lives.

In order for SAM Academy to properly educate students, the school must be a “safe place physically, psychologically, and spiritually.” We respect each student and insist that this respect is mutual and consistent, with all students, parents, teachers and the administration so that the school will be a safe and secure place for all.

The aim of the SAM Academy Educational Program is:

  1. To give God the glory in all things.
  2. To teach the fundamentals of the Bible, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and other subject that the school may make available.
  3. To provide an educational experience that is designed to point the child to God.
  4. To give the students a Christ-experienced education
  5. To support the efforts of parents as they fulfill their responsibility to give their children a Christian education.
  6. To enhance, strengthen, and bridge the gap between the Bible and science, mathematics and the Arts.

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