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Curriculum Statement

The Science, Arts and Math Academy has self-contained traditional classrooms with low pupil/teachers ratios. Heavy emphasis is placed on God's principles through daily Bible study, prayer, memory work, and a weekly Chapel. Academic training, which is Christ-centered, includes a phonics oriented reading program, English, literature, science, mathematics, social studies, art, P.E., Spanish, music, etc. We are teaching these courses from a variety of the best curricula in the United States. The primary curriculum use by the school is the ABeka curriculum; the most widely used accredited Christian curricula in the United States. The program is systematic in content yet it permits creativity in presentation.

SAM Academy uses other accredited secondary materials, which include those from Bob Jones University of Greenville, South Carolina, Alpha and Omega Publications of Tempe, Arizona and materials appropriately developed and selected by the staff of the school.

The basic instructional approach to learning is the conventional model of demonstration, lecture and discussion. This teacher-directed mode of instruction places accountability with the teacher, the student and the parent(s).

Educational Philosophy

Throughout the scriptures, parents are commanded to raise their children in the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord. As a Christ-centered school, the Science, Arts, and Math Academy strive to assist the family and church in fulfilling this charge. The school cannot take the place of the parents or church in this calling and, therefore, cannot relieve them from their responsibilities. Rather it serves as an extension of both in rearing future generations to be followers of Jesus, well prepared for the fulfillment of God's desire for their lives.

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